The Lou D'Etat

The Lou D'Etat is an independent publication launched by the outspoken anti-establishment national-populist and controversial political activist Lou Marinelli that focuses on news and views from his perspective. The purpose of the publication is for Lou Marinelli to provide pointed commentary on political news, current events, and his personal experiences.

Who is Lou Marinelli?

Lou Marinelli first gained national attention as the founder of the largest conservative social media movement against the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States who had a change of heart in 2011 and came out in support of civil marriage equality for same-sex couples. He then became a conservative voice for marriage equality, arguing same-sex couples should have the right to sign a civil marriage contract but that churches ought to maintain the right to perform the sacrament of marriage in accordance with their religious beliefs.

A few years later, Lou Marinelli was back in the news as the founder of the modern-day California independence movement which he launched in 2014 at the height of the Tea Party to protest the dysfunctional federal government. Although most of his movement's members were California liberals, Marinelli steered the organization away from woke politics of the left and towards a more abstract anti-Establishment, anti-Washington message instead.

Lou Marinelli also found himself the topic of national controversy when he expatriated to Russia in 2016 to avoid having to live in the United States when Hillary Clinton was president. Lou Marinelli has been an outspoken critic of Clinton, and was pleasantly surprised, like much of the country was, when Donald Trump won that year. Having already moved, however, Lou Marinelli decided to remain in Russia, where he had already started a new career as an English teacher and later, a news editor.

Lou Marinelli left Russia with his wife and newborn child in December of 2021, having lived there for more than five years, saying the political atmosphere in that country was changing and he no longer felt comfortable there.